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Casa Comiteco: Flexible Brazilian Home Design by BIRI

A modern concrete building with yellow angled panels forming a facade, surrounded by vegetation.

Casa Comiteco is a captivating residence designed by the renowned architecture firm BIRI, located in Comiteco, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This modern house, completed in 2018, features a unique blend of residential and commercial spaces, offering a flexible and adaptable living environment for its young architect owners.

Situated on a steep incline, the project showcases a thoughtful design that embraces the site’s challenging topography and environmental preservation regulations, while delivering expansive, integrated spaces with stunning views of the urban landscape.

Production Duplex Apartment: Brazil’s Blend of Studio and Residence

Production Duplex Apartment: Brazil’s Blend of Studio and Residence

In the breathtaking landscape of Angra dos Reis, Brazil, known for its idyllic coastlines and lush greenery, lies the Production Duplex Apartment. Freshly crafted in 2023 by Inside Architects, this two-level duplex fuses geometric elegance with dual-purpose functionality. Seamlessly transitioning between a production studio and home, its design boasts clean lines and imaginative features, highlighted by a contrasting wooden ceiling.