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Casa Alpes: A Harmonious Fusion of Architecture and Nature

Expansive living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush green upholstery, and modern art.

Casa Alpes, a stunning house in Mexico City, showcases the architectural prowess of grupoarquitectura. Designed in 2018, this residential masterpiece features a unique circulation system reminiscent of a spinal cord, with parallel walls creating a series of interconnected spaces. The centerpiece is a striking three-story cylinder of white concrete, where the interior spaces appear to float, supported by a circular structure of beams. Boasting a harmonious blend of materials, including glass, Pietra Gray marble, and Walnut wood, the house seamlessly integrates modern automation systems for energy efficiency and convenience.

Casa E&FK: Blending Eco-Luxury with Modern Design

A modern glass-walled home with a swimming pool, surrounded by lush greenery.

Casa E&FK in Mexico, designed by grupoarquitectura in 2020, elegantly combines sustainability with luxury living. This house features expansive windows that frame stunning forest and lake views, enhancing both the indoor and outdoor experiences. With advanced eco-friendly technology like solar panels and water reclamation systems, this residence promises both style and environmentally conscious design.