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Elm House: Eco-Friendly Innovation

Elm House: Eco-Friendly Innovation

Step into Elm House, a home where heritage meets modern sustainability in the heart of Halifax’s Tupper School District. Peter Braithwaite Studio has masterfully reimagined this 2016 wooden structure, respecting the historic neighborhood’s charm while infusing contemporary design and functionality.

From the panoramic entry porch to the wood-clad storage for an avid gardener’s tools, every detail of this residence celebrates community, family, and eco-friendly living.

Armcrescent Residence: A Masterstroke of Modern Traditionalism in Canada

FeaturedArmcrescent Residence: A Masterstroke of Modern Traditionalism in Canada

Nestled in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s West-End neighborhood in Canada, the Armcrescent Residence is an architectural marvel designed by the renowned Peter Braithwaite Studio. It seamlessly merges the traditional charm of Halifax’s historical neighborhoods with a contemporary, modern twist.

Masterfully crafted with a diverse range of materials, this house boasts remarkable attention to detail, beautifully uniting the interior and exterior with a rich blend of textures within a minimal color palette. Embodying a rising urban density trend, this property brings an invigorating freshness to the residential landscape of the Halifax Peninsula.

The Armcrescent Residence is not just a home but a reflection of the growing diversity of mixed families in the region.