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Inside the Lopez Lookout Island Home by Heliotrope Architects

Inside the Lopez Lookout Island Home by Heliotrope Architects

On the scenic Lopez Island in Washington, the Lopez Lookout island home stands as a testament to Heliotrope Architects‘ ability to adapt and innovate.

Overcoming unique geographical and environmental challenges, the design brilliantly confines itself within the boundaries of an older cabin’s footprint. While it exudes the charm of a traditional island structure, the design marvelously blurs the boundaries between the indoors and the surrounding natural beauty. Crafted to be nearly invisible from the public shoreline, this home captures the essence of intimate living amidst nature.

The Artist Residence by Heliotrope Architects

FeaturedThe Artist Residence by Heliotrope Architects

Step inside The Artist Residence, an exquisite blend of modern design and homely comfort nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill, Seattle. Designed by the renowned Heliotrope Architects, this house is an artistic haven specifically tailored for an artist and an engineer. Surrounded by quintessential Seattle cottages and bungalows, it serves as a calm oasis in the bustling downtown neighborhood, subtly fitting into its surroundings.

The house is characterized by its bright, spacious interiors, abundant white walls showcasing a growing art collection, and an immersive connection to the vibrant street life and serene gardens. What truly sets it apart is the work studio at the core of the layout, bathed in natural light, a testament to the residents’ interesting lives.

Eight Bells by Heliotrope Architects

Eight Bells by Heliotrope Architects

Embracing the Bahamas’ sun-soaked charm, Eight Bells is a contemporary waterfront residence, designed by the acclaimed Heliotrope Architects.

Nestled on an oceanfront site at 25 degrees N latitude, this modern retreat house thoughtfully responds to extreme ocean winds, intense sunlight, and potential coastal storm surge. The design employs strategic placement of window-walls, extensive shading, and an elevation of over 5 feet (1.52 meters), allowing storm surge to flow effortlessly around or beneath the structure.

Harmonizing with the island’s historic architectural character, Eight Bells seamlessly blends modernity and local craftsmanship with elements like masonry, tile, stucco, and cedar shingle roofing.