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B67: Inside Barcelona’s Latest Luxurious Apartment Building

Neutral-toned contemporary living space with exposed wooden beams and modern furniture.

Discover B67, a visionary apartment building project in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned by Nook Architects. This transformation focuses on enhancing street-level interactions, restoring first-floor terraces, and reviving original external views. By intertwining functional living spaces with the architectural heritage, B67 redefines modern urban living in the vibrant 22@ district.

Capella Sydney Hotel: Blending Heritage with High-End Hospitality

Elegant indoor garden with pendant lights, lush greenery, and contemporary furnishings.

Discover the Capella Sydney Hotel, designed by Make Architects and located in Sydney, Australia. This 5-star hotel within the historic Sandstone Precinct combines Edwardian Baroque sophistication with modern luxury. With a heritage-listed facade and contemporary amenities across 192 guest rooms, it’s a testament to exquisite design harmonizing with Sydney’s vibrant city life.

108_110: Transforming Space with Industrial Chic Elegance

Modern open-plan living space with sleek furniture and large windows.

Nestled in the historic city of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the 108_110 house beautifully combines minimalist design with an industrial soul. Designed by Chiara Ferrari in 2024, this unique real estate project transforms a former leather factory into a versatile space serving as both a home and a creative hub. The design pays homage to modernist principles, showcasing restored original features alongside sleek, functional furnishings by Fantin.