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Urban Penthouse in Tel-Aviv by Tzvia Kazayoff

FeaturedUrban Penthouse in Tel-Aviv by Tzvia Kazayoff

Experience the epitome of urban sophistication in Tzvia Kazayoff‘s Urban Penthouse, an industrial-style apartment nestled in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. This masterfully designed 2019 penthouse mirrors the lively spirit of a young tech professional, amalgamating comfort, functionality, and distinct aesthetics.

From the tranquil positioning of the bedroom to a tailored workspace, a minimalist kitchen, and an inviting rooftop pool, this residence encapsulates the essence of modern Tel Aviv living. The daring yet tasteful blend of exposed concrete, black metal beams, and a diverse array of textiles exemplifies the designer’s meticulous attention to detail, delivering a living space that’s as captivating as it is practical.