Urban Penthouse in Tel-Aviv by Tzvia Kazayoff

Recently designed by Tzvia Kazayoff, this inspiring penthouse apartment is situated in central Tel Aviv, Israel.


The project began with a fruitful brainstorming session with the client regarding their needs and initial details of the apartment.
The design was dictated by the need to reflect the life of a young high-tech guy living and working in an apartment in central Tel Aviv, located on a busy street in the city.

The starting point was to move the bedroom east on the first floor, to the quietest location in the apartment. This allows for a quiet sleep experience, despite the busy streets outside.

We also addressed the need to work from home by designing a work space including lounge area that best suited his personality. The kitchen and main living room are located on the second floor allowing direct access to the outdoor accommodation and the use of the spacious pool located on the roof of the building. The primary living room had a construction pillar interrupting the vista. This was replaced with two unobtrusive metal beams upon which we incorporated bespoke fittings to position the television. By doing so we created a sense of flow by eliminating the obtrusive nature of the single pillar., .

The guest bathroom was established on the balcony next to the living room to allow quick access from the pool during the summer.

After careful and meticulous planning, we came up with a fresh and young eclectic design for the whole house using mix of unique and bespoke materials. The project resulted in an exposed concrete ceiling with black beams combined with a minimalist kitchen and in addition created a soft-light living room on the guest floor. The first-floor with its’s study and lounge room are designed in a masculine bold colors, using metal features but complemented with a diverse range of textiles.

The bedroom was dressed in a softer style.

Dividing the bedroom and the master bathroom is a reflective mirror with a color tint. The details of the carpentry and metalwork were designed uniquely and with precision for each space in the house dependent upon the style, dimensions and needs. The work was carried out by local professionals with the attention to the detail and precision needed for such a project.

The project reflects a true melding of the capabilities of the designers to the needs of the individual at both the stylistic, and planning levels of the space.

Photography courtesy of Tzvia Kazayoff

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- by Matt Watts

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