Apartment by Abimis is a Prisma

Welcome to a unique industrial-style apartment nestled in the heart of London, United Kingdom. Designed by Abimis is a Prisma, this luxurious apartment boasts high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and seamless spaces adorned with warm materials and eclectic decor. The bespoke Ego kitchen, crafted entirely in stainless steel, is the epitome of style and functionality, making this home a true masterpiece.

Discover how this stunning property offers the perfect blend of modern living and professional design features, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious experience.

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About Apartment

A Harmonious Blend of Classic and Modern Design

The house combines original features like high ceilings, magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows, and spacious open areas with modern furnishings, warm materials, and unique decorative elements. This creates an engaging ‘itinerary’ that emphasizes the eclectic atmosphere of this exclusive home.

Abimis Ego: Tailored Stainless Steel Kitchens

Abimis’ tailored approach to bespoke kitchen design shines in the Ego stainless steel kitchen, which features an orbitally polished finish. This finish reduces scratch visibility and fingerprint marks, giving the kitchen a warm appearance. The design is fully customized to meet the homeowner’s specific needs. Ego connects the kitchen, dining room, living room, and top-floor office, offering various configurations for enjoying the home’s settings.

Efficient and Elegant Kitchen Layout

Ego’s beveled flush doors, ergonomic handles, recessed plinths, and invisible hinges blend seamlessly into the structure. The spacious kitchen is divided into separate modules for washing, cooking, and a generously sized island that doubles as a worktop and snack counter. The island’s joint-free design minimizes dirt buildup and simplifies cleaning. This layout maximizes freedom of movement and enhances efficiency for daily tasks.

Customizable Professional Features

Ego offers the ability to customize the kitchen with professional restaurant features, like refrigerated waste containers that minimize bacteria spread and neutralize odors. Stainless steel tall units accompany the cooking and washing areas, while remaining hidden from guests’ view.

A Social Hub with the Bar Corner

Adjacent to the living room, Ego transforms into a practical bar corner with a sink, focusing on sociability and providing an ideal space for both private and social gatherings.

Top-Floor Office: Comfort and Privacy

The home’s top floor offers a comfortable office with large windows, a skylight, and white walls that create a bright, airy atmosphere. Designed with privacy and well-being in mind, the space promotes productivity. Ego seamlessly integrates into the office, emphasizing hard work and customization. Abimis-designed sliding doors with an orbitally polished finish separate and conceal the kitchen from its surroundings.

Ego: Adaptable for Any Setting

In all its variations, Ego complements any setting, creating a functional, welcoming, and versatile space while ensuring maximum hygiene and safety.

Photography by Matteo Cirenei

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- by Matt Watts