West Loop Loft: Refurbished 80’s Loft with Timeless Design

The West Loop Loft, a stunning 80’s urban concrete loft in Chicago, IL, United States, was brought to life by Collective Office in a remarkably short timeline. Featuring a redesign that combined modern functionality with the project’s existing raw textures, this loft showcases how architecture can endure and evolve over time.

Spacious open-concept kitchen and dining area with pendant lighting, wood and concrete details.
Rustic loft interior with exposed beams, bookshelves, and globe pendant lights.
This open-concept kitchen features a modern, industrial aesthetic with exposed concrete walls and globe pendant lights.
Spacious loft-style kitchen with modern cabinetry, pendant lights, and concrete ceiling.
A cozy, well-lit workspace with wooden shelves, artwork, and an eclectic mix of furniture.
Minimalist wooden shelving system with ample storage space and display area.
Cozy bedroom nook with wooden shelves, plush bedding, and metal accent chair.
A bright, modern industrial-style space featuring hanging globe lamps and cozy seating.
Stylish bathroom with hexagonal tile floor, wood vanity, and round mirror.

About West Loop Loft

Transforming an 80’s Urban Loft into a Modern Masterpiece

In collaboration with a fantastic client and a talented team, we meticulously revitalized this 80’s urban concrete loft in a remarkably short timeframe. The design phase took only 8 weeks, while the construction was completed in less than 4 months, where the existing framework was thoughtfully refurbished and infused with contemporary functionality and style.

Preserving the Loft’s Unique Charm

The existing features of this loft are what make this project truly exceptional. By reorganizing the layout of certain spaces, we created a more efficient plan that aligns with the client’s lifestyle. We carefully refinished the floors, repairing and patching them, and refurbished the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, the exposed brick walls, concrete columns, and ceilings were preserved, adding depth and texture to the overall design.

Seamless Integration of Functionality and Aesthetics

To unify the project, we developed a cohesive design language that flows through each space. Strategically placed millwork serves as both a storage solution and a display for the client’s art collection. We integrated lighting into many of these displays, as well as provided consistent overhead lighting, creating the ideal environment to appreciate the artwork.

A Warm and Timeless Palette

Drawing inspiration from the raw materials of the loft, we curated a warm and rich color palette that enhances the existing features. The refined dark walnut millwork contrasts beautifully with the raw brick and concrete textures, while the light walls and oak cabinets ground the space. This timeless design showcases how architecture can endure and adapt to the evolving needs of its occupants.

Photography courtesy of Collective Office
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- by Matt Watts