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House in Amagansett: Serene Coastal Retreat by 1100 Architect

A modern, minimalist-style building with a wooden staircase leading to its entrance, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Designed by 1100 Architect, this house in Amagansett, New York, offers a serene retreat from the bustling city. The renovation of the existing 1973 cottage preserves the property’s original charm while introducing a more contemporary layout and outdoor living spaces, including a new pool and deck.

Situated in the grassy dunes of the eastern end of Long Island, this single-family home showcases a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design elements.

Triplex Fabre: Preserving Montreal’s Architectural Heritage

Minimalist living room with glass coffee table, plant accent, and modern furnishings.

Embodying the architectural legacy of Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood, the Triplex Fabre project by Atelier L’Abri seamlessly blends modern design with the area’s distinct red brick and stone aesthetic. This 2023 renovation of a triplex dwelling in the Petit Laurier district celebrates the city’s rich residential heritage while thoughtfully adapting the interior layout to prioritize natural light and open-concept living.

Tokyo Blue Apartment: Innovative Minimalist Design in Tokyo

Eclectic home office with concrete walls, natural wood, and vibrant house plants.

The Tokyo Blue Apartment, a captivating renovation project in the heart of Japan’s capital, showcases the harmonious blend of modern design and the owners’ unique personalities. Designed by Roovice in 2021, this 3LDK apartment transformation in Takaido, Tokyo, embodies a striking aesthetic that maximizes the space’s potential with the owners’ love for the color blue as the guiding force.

The Black and White House: Transforming 1950s Architecture

Modern two-story house with illuminated windows at twilight.

Discover how The Black and White House in North Arlington, United States, underwent a radical transformation. Designed in 2019 by Paola Lugli, this project reimagines a 1950s brick house with a contemporary open floor plan, elevating it with a ship-lap-clad fa├žade and thoughtfully integrated modern elements. From a new LVL beams structure to symmetrical windows framing a future garden, explore the blend of modern and traditional that defines this unique dwelling.