Mount Martha Residence by Clancy Constructions

Mount Martha Residence is a modern single family residence located in Mount Martha, Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2017 by Clancy Constructions.

Modern kitchen with blue cabinets, wooden island, and a person sitting on a stool
Contemporary kitchen with blue cabinetry and wood accents.
Sleek dining area with large windows and pendant lighting
Contemporary home interior with floor-to-ceiling glass, wooden floors, and a
Scenic dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a lake.
Contemporary wooden staircase with spherical pendant lights and outdoor view.
Modern bedroom with large window and wooden walls
Minimalist bedroom with large window offering a scenic view.
Minimalist bedroom with built-in cabinets and colorful bedding.
Contemporary bathroom with patterned floor and dark walls.
Contemporary house at dusk with geometric design and warm interior lighting.

About Mount Martha Residence

Nestled on the slopes of Mount Martha in Melbourne, Australia, the Mount Martha Residence emerges as a beacon of modern design. Crafted by Clancy Constructions in 2017, this house stands as a testament to elegance and innovation.

Architectural Splendor Unveiled

As night falls, the residence’s sharp geometric lines come into play against the darkening sky. The clever use of lighting beckons, illuminating its bold, dark facade contrasted by warm wooden accents. This visual symphony carries on through the grand entrance, where a covered pathway leads into the heart of the home, drawing visitors into its contemporary embrace.

A Seamless Transition to Elegance

Inside, the minimalist aesthetic of the bathroom showcases a monochrome palette, where functionality meets sophistication. Every tile and fixture speaks of meticulous selection, ensuring a tranquil retreat. The adjacent bedroom offers a textural counterpoint, with vibrant textiles and built-in woodwork that echo the natural surroundings, visible through generous windows.

Stepping into the common areas, the interplay of light and wood continues. The kitchen and dining space reveal an open-plan design, fostering communal living and culinary exploration. Large windows and sliding doors dissolve the boundary between the interior and the lush landscape beyond.

Living Spaces Where Design Meets Function

The living room, a harmonious blend of comfort and style, offers a panoramic view that captures the essence of Mount Martha’s beauty. The strategic placement of art adds a personal touch, while the furniture arrangement invites conversation and relaxation.

In the heart of the residence, the staircase serves as a sculptural element, its wooden treads a warm invitation to the upper levels. At the summit, the corridor opens up to an outdoor deck, a space where architecture and nature are in dialogue.

Mount Martha Residence is not just a house; it is an experience crafted by Clancy Constructions, where every line, texture, and material comes together to create a home that is as functional as it is aesthetically compelling.

Photography by Tatjana Pllitt

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- by Matt Watts