Casa Solferino by Fabio Fantolino

Nestled in the heart of Turin, Italy, a city famed for its rich history and artistic inclinations, is Casa Solferino – an embodiment of midcentury architecture reimagined in a modern context. This stunning seventh-floor apartment in the iconic 1954 ‘Casa Alta’ building represents designer Fabio Fantolino‘s quest to harmonize luxury with design.

Casa Solferino stands out with its daring use of the color blue, contrasting with rich upholstery, elegant fabrics, and black walnut elements. The result? A luxurious apartment that feels as warm and inviting as it does refined and chic.

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About Casa Solferino

A Masterful Blend of Luxury and Design at Casa Solferino

Perched on the seventh floor of the 1954 “Casa Alta” in the heart of Turin, Fabio Fantolino presents Casa Solferino. This apartment exemplifies a successful attempt to meld the realms of luxury and design, two worlds often thought to be irreconcilable.

The Power of Blue: A Guiding Philosophy in Design

A thoughtful selection of interior design elements steers the entire project. A prevailing philosophy anchors the design around the color blue, punctuated and contrasted by opulent upholstery and fabrics. To balance this vividness, neutral colors and elements of black walnut subtly underpin the overall aesthetic. The resin flooring adds another layer of intrigue, highlighting iconic design features and the occasional color bursts.

The Dining Room: A Symphony of Color and Texture

The dining room is dominated by a glossy, petrol blue table, its champagne mirror edges taking center stage. Encircling this dramatic piece are Minotti armchairs, swathed in elegant, neutral fabric, creating a contrast with the raw burnished brass of the MM Lampadari chandelier.

The Living Room: A Harmony of Tone and Geometry

In the living room, the design philosophy persists. Electric blue armchairs provide a pop of color within a soothing palette, offering a warm and welcoming ambiance. Here, linear wooden elements craft an intriguing play of asymmetrical geometries.

The Corridor: A Dance of Light and Texture

A bronze mirror in the corridor reflects the opposite wallpaper, injecting warmth into the cooler elements. The black walnut wooden portals serve as gateways to the adjoining rooms, offering a harmonious blend of textures.

The Bedroom: A Minimalistic Approach with a Touch of Color

The bedroom, characterized by its minimalistic approach, is brought to life with the use of a whale blue tone. This color becomes the focal point, infusing the space with personality despite its sparse elements.

Photography by Omar Sartor

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- by Matt Watts