Casa Aurum by Fabio Fantolino

Step into Casa Aurum, a beacon of modern architectural design, nestled in the heart of Curitiba, Brazil. Famous for its rich culture and biodiversity, Curitiba presents the perfect backdrop for this innovative project. Designed by Fabio Fantolino in 2020, this apartment speaks the language of contemporary elegance with an undertone of family-friendly warmth. Bold contrasts between natural materials, vibrant furnishings, and meticulously crafted custom-made furniture create a symphony of modern design.

With a consistent design theme that seamlessly ties every room together, Casa Aurum is not just an apartment – it’s an experience.

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About Casa Aurum

Chic Apartment Design for Modern Families in Curitiba, Brazil

Situated in Curitiba, Brazil, a stunning apartment building primarily attracts a young demographic of families with children. The design team made a bold choice, opting for a contemporary aesthetic. It boasts a fresh, authentic vibe with simple lines and volumes that mutually enhance through the interplay of natural materials and bold color accents from furnishings and lighting.

Welcoming Entryway and Dining Space

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a compact dining area, featuring a round, apricot-colored table that sets the tone for the rest of the living space. The living room beyond is a testament to the power of natural tones, with materials and fabrics that create a cozy, organic ambiance.

Harmonious Blend of Textures, Finishes, and Custom-Made Furniture

Venturing into the other rooms, the design continues to impress with the rich textures of the fabrics, the refined finishes of the furnishings, and the strategic use of lighting. Custom-made furniture complements the clean, minimalist forms, infusing personality into every corner. This approach ensures a consistent and continuous design narrative that resonates throughout the apartment, making it a chic, inviting space for modern living.

Photography by Eduardo Macarios

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- by Matt Watts