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Terzetto: A Modern Garden Flat Transformation in London

Modern home extension with glass walls and textured columns.

Discover Terzetto, a contemporary apartment in London, designed by ConForm Architects in 2023. This sophisticated Hampstead garden flat marries modern design with natural elements, creating a space that’s both refined and texturally rich.

Embracing the property’s connection to its large rear garden and utilizing innovative light strategies, ConForm Architects have crafted a living experience that’s visually stunning and harmoniously integrated with its surroundings.

An Office Two Houses: Sustainable Living Meets Modern Design in Scotland

Modern house with a dark wood facade and large window, surrounded by a green lawn

An Office Two Houses, designed by Loader Monteith in 2022, is a pioneering mixed-use development located in Inverness, United Kingdom. This project skillfully transforms a narrow roadside plot into the headquarters for H&I Adventures and two low-energy homes, demonstrating a keen focus on sustainability, community revitalization, and architectural excellence. Set against the backdrop of the Scottish landscape, the design seamlessly integrates contemporary style with the natural surroundings.

Tree House: A Brick Beauty in London’s Ealing

Modern house with brick facade and large windows next to traditional homes.

Step into the Ealing marvel, a two-bedroom home in London, UK, ingeniously crafted by Fletcher Crane Architects. Embracing a unique brick design, this 2021 project, named Tree House, transforms a former garage site into a striking blend of grey brick, black timber, and sleek metalwork. The interior echoes this raw elegance with ash joinery and terrazzo tiles, ensuring a seamless flow of design from the outside in.

Perfect for those who admire architectural ingenuity and the play of natural light within urban confines.

Lowater House: A Riverside Brick Beauty in Marlow

Modern brick house with large glass windows and manicured lawn.

In the heart of Marlow, United Kingdom, Lowater House stands as a masterpiece by Fletcher Crane Architects, effortlessly blending with the historic charm of its riverside setting. This architectural gem, directly overlooking the Thames, showcases a unique red brick design across two levels, comprising three distinct pitched forms.

With a design that embraces the river and mirrors local architectural traditions, Lowater offers a serene haven, featuring a courtyard with reflective pool views and a design that beautifully merges indoor and outdoor spaces.

Putney Pantry House: Victorian Elegance Meets Modern Design

Modern kitchen with pink cabinets, large island, and glass wall overlooking a courtyard.

Explore the transformation of Putney Pantry House, a Victorian terrace in London, masterfully redesigned in 2023 by Rider Stirland Architects. Once a dim and outdated property, it now stands as a beacon of flexible family living, blending traditional Victorian charm with modern flair.

The heart of this home is its open-plan kitchen and dining area, seamlessly connected to a lush courtyard garden. This architectural marvel not only respects the original structure’s integrity but also introduces contemporary elements like a glass roof and bespoke joinery, making it a perfect blend of old and new.

Highgate House: Emil Eve’s Modern Twist on London Terrace

Modern kitchen with island, open shelving, and staircase.

Highgate House, a five-storey Edwardian terraced house in London’s leafy Highgate Conservation Area, emerges as a masterpiece of modern design by Emil Eve Architects. Ingeniously transformed in 2022, this home now features a double height atrium and a geometric brick extension, blending family-friendly spaces with striking architectural surprises. Emil Eve’s expertise in terraced housing restoration shines through in this warm, open-plan sanctuary, offering a perfect blend of traditional charm and contemporary elegance.

Ceangal House: Modern Scottish Farmstead

Ceangal House: Modern Scottish Farmstead

Loader Monteith‘s Ceangal House, a modern mountain house in South Lanarkshire, UK, exemplifies a blend of heritage and contemporary design. Completed in 2021, this family home skillfully incorporates materials from the land’s original 1800s farmstead.

With its sustainable features and semi-broken plan enhancing natural light, Ceangal House not only pays homage to Scottish tradition but also sets a new standard in eco-friendly living.