Somesuch 2.0: Exploring Innovative Office Spaces

Somesuch 2.0, designed by Bureau de Change in 2023, illustrates a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality in a UK office setting. This office space transforms traditional work environments with polished slate floors, extensive glazing for natural light, and innovative private workspaces. Its design promotes both collaborative and concentrated work experiences, making it an epitome of modern office architecture.

A modern, open-concept space with a mix of wood, concrete, and bright green accents.
Wooden shelves, stairs, and a cozy living area with a glass-topped table in a modern loft.
Expansive wooden shelving with angled cane panels sets the tone for this refined interior.
Spacious office with modern industrial elements, vibrant blue accents, and exposed brick walls.
Sleek, minimalist interior with bold blue walls, wooden shelving, and a vibrant red accent.
Striking modern dining space with vibrant red walls, glass doors, and green chairs.
A cozy, rustic entryway with a mosaic tile floor and wooden shelves, leading to a dimly lit space.
Warm, minimalist interior with wooden shelves, natural plants, and a built-in bar counter.

About Somesuch 2.0

Innovative Design Meets Functionality: Somesuch 2.0

Nestled in the United Kingdom’s urban fabric, “Somesuch 2.0” emerges as a beacon of modern office design. This masterpiece, envisaged by the forward-thinking minds at Bureau de Change in 2023, presents a harmonious blend of utility and aesthetics. Its dynamic interior beckons for a detailed exploration.

A Seamless Flow: Entering Somesuch 2.0

Step into the main area, where polished slate floors underscore the room’s spaciousness. The extensive glazing bathes the space in natural light, creating a warm welcome. Notice the crisp, white walls offset by rich wooden accents and subtle greenery. Here, you can envision lively collaboration or a quiet moment of contemplation.

As the eye travels upward, multi-level wooden structures define the volume without detracting from its openness. The central staircase, solid yet inviting, leads to intimate workspaces aloft. It promises a journey through the building’s layered heart.

Adjacent, a bespoke bookcase stands tall, embodying the merger of form and function. Each tome on display signifies the intellectual rigor fostered within these walls.

Corners of Creativity: Private Workspaces and Meeting Areas

Roam to discover vibrant enclaves, innovatively partitioned for privacy. Bold blue storage units introduce a refreshing pop of color. They double as subtle dividers, carving out nooks for focused productivity.

Venture through doorways revealing small meeting rooms, where ideas flourish around chic, modern furniture. The backdrop, a canvas of earthy red, energizes discussions and sparks creativity.

Concluding the experience, visitors find themselves drawn to an inviting entryway. Its eclectic tiling and understated signage echo the ethos of Somesuch 2.0—a fusion of heritage and modernity, a workspace redefined.

Photography courtesy of Bureau de Change
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- by Matt Watts