The White Cube by People

Set in the serene locale of Kalafati, Mykonos, The White Cube is a modern vacation house designed by renowned firm People, reflecting a fresh interpretation of traditional Cycladic architecture.

Skillfully divided into living and private quarters, the 2020-designed home offers stunning sea views and direct pool access from the lounge and kitchen. The meticulously designed main entrance binds the structures, seamlessly serving as a nexus. From the guest room separated by an atrium to the invigorating exterior water feature, this residence in Greece harmoniously combines functional design with extraordinary panoramas.

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About The White Cube

A Bold Tribute to Cycladic Architecture

The Kalafati residence boldly distinguishes itself from the surrounding landscape, yet it honors the enduring Cycladic architectural traditions. Its design thoughtfully separates each section according to function, creating a harmonious balance between communal living spaces and private rooms. The main entrance, acting as the connecting core, guides visitors seamlessly through the two distinct structures, allowing them to choose their direction based on their needs.

Integrating Living Spaces with Nature

Situated in the living area, the lounge and kitchen boast direct contact with the outdoor elements. They open up to an enticing exterior swimming pool and a beautifully landscaped area, both offering panoramic sea views. This fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces augments the home’s overall ambiance, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment.

A Touch of Privacy in the Heart of Luxury

Venturing into the private section of the residence, you’ll find the guest room. An atrium creates a pleasant separation between this space and the other bedrooms, enhancing privacy without sacrificing the sense of unity in design.

Water as a Dominant Design Element

Stepping outside of the residence, water stands as the dominant element, reinforcing the connection to nature and establishing a sense of tranquility. This feature not only complements the minimalist Cycladic style but also breathes life into the design, symbolizing the fluidity and dynamism inherent in modern architecture.

Photography by Andreas Bekas

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- by Matt Watts