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Atrium House: Breaking Through Traditional Architecture

FeaturedAtrium House: Breaking Through Traditional Architecture

Introducing Atrium House, an impressive two-story home located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Tamás Szén Molnár, a renowned designer, created a contemporary masterpiece in 2022 with a combination of light and clean spaces.

The team had to make significant architectural changes to make the building lighter, such as breaking through the ceiling between the two floors to create an imposing atrium in the middle, featuring a custom-made lighting system. In order to accommodate the client’s lifestyle, a room was created on the same floor as the parents’ suite, making it possible for the children to have separate rooms in the future.

DLA Piper by Madilancos Studio

DLA Piper by Madilancos Studio

DLA Piper, an international law firm with 4,200 lawyers in more than 40 countries, recently upgraded and refreshed their office located in the Hegyvidék Momentum Office Building in Budapest, Hungary.

This office space, designed by MádiLáncos Studio, features modern and attractive interior design elements that effectively support the new flexible working patterns and pay special attention to the needs of employees. The team at MádiLáncos Studio have also incorporated biophilia and green islands of plants in their design that not only improve the air quality, but also add a beautiful interior design element to the space.

What’s more, the office building offers a stunning view of the Buda hills, an iconic landmark in Budapest.

The Green Flat by Zoltán Katona

The Green Flat by Zoltán Katona

Explore the harmonious blend of style and sustainability in Hungary with The Green Flat, a remarkable contemporary apartment designed by the celebrated Zoltán Katona.

Situated in a country famed for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural history, this residential masterpiece, redesigned in 2020, elevates modern living to a new level. Delve into the world of upscale Hungarian real estate as we journey through the exquisite architectural features and innovative design elements of this modern home.

Get ready for a virtual tour of this apartment that not only redefines contemporary elegance but also encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Hungarian design.