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Single-family House in La Granjilla: The Art of Compact Living

Contemporary house with wooden slats and pool.

Discover the Single-family House in La Granjilla, Madrid, Spain, a masterpiece by Molina Architecture Studio, designed in 2022. This house embodies a unique blend of compactness, rich textures, and volumes. By weaving together heavy and light construction elements, it achieves a dynamic balance between the interior’s neutral tones and the exterior’s material richness, all while harmoniously integrating with the surrounding pine trees.

House 1909: Integrating Metal Clad Boxes for Chic Living

Modern three-story black residential building sandwiched between traditional brick houses.

Discover House 1909 in Chicago, IL, designed by Studio Dwell Architects in 2021. This innovative residence stands out in the Bucktown neighborhood with its series of stacked metal clad boxes, incorporating a blend of public and private spaces, and green terraces. Featuring full-height glass walls, cantilevered floors for natural shade, and landscaped terraces, this house redefines modern living with its unique approach to design and spatial utilization.