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Blow Models: Modernist Meets Contemporary in This Barcelona Office

Lush indoor garden with curving sofa and exposed brick walls, showcasing modern office design.

Isern Serra Studio‘s Blow Models workspace in Barcelona, Spain, is a captivating office design that blends modernist elements with a dreamlike ambiance. Located in a two-story building with a large wooden portal and modernist details, the project features a central interior garden and a “Onyx” concept that evokes digital dream worlds. The design team’s thoughtful approach to lighting, vegetation, and custom-designed furniture elements, such as the “Biga” table and “Roca” table, create a unique and inspiring workspace for the fashion brand.

GIGI Studio: Custom-Designed Showroom in Barcelona

Spacious, minimalist living room with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing natural scenery.

Designed by Isern Serra Studio in 2024, the GIGI Studio showroom in Barcelona, Spain, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. This 1000 sq.m. space aims to redefine the traditional workspace, embracing an open and fluid floor plan that encourages creativity and collaboration.

The design concept draws inspiration from the idea of a “studio and museum,” prioritizing natural light and custom-made sculptural elements that reflect the brand’s contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic.