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Salsa Apartment: Where Midcentury Style Meets Bohemian Vibes

Elegant living room with modern furniture and green accents.

Salsa Apartment, a Jooca Studio creation in Bucharest, Romania, artfully combines the whimsy of boho style with the refined elegance of American transitional design. This residence delights with its symmetrical layout, captivating botanical motifs, and sun-soaked Spanish influences.

Unique features like reclaimed Transylvanian brick and azulejo-style tiles infuse character, while natural materials and lush plants create a tranquil ambiance. Tailored for an owner passionate about salsa dancing, this eclectic, midcentury space is a testament to personalized living elevated to an art form.

Blue Pepper: Bucharest’s Modern Duplex Transformation

Blue Pepper: Bucharest’s Modern Duplex Transformation

Discover “Blue Pepper“: a duplex apartment in Bucharest’s vibrant northern district, reborn through Jooca Studio‘s vision in 2023.

In seeking alignment with the client’s identity, the space underwent a transformative redesign, embracing modern aesthetics with an industrial touch, softened by velvety fabrics. The redesign expands the ground floor into an airy open-plan area, where concrete’s raw beauty meets the warmth of wood and metal’s cool precision.

Brisa Azul: Modern Apartment Design Mastery in Bucharest

FeaturedBrisa Azul: Modern Apartment Design Mastery in Bucharest

In the heart of Bucharest, Romania — a city renowned for its vibrant history and contemporary allure — the Brisa Azul apartment stands as a testament to modern design brilliance. Crafted by Jooca Studio in 2021, this generous 170 square meter (approximately 1,830 square feet) space is thoughtfully designed for a family of four, merging functionality with aesthetic charm.

From its bright azure-hued living area evoking sunlit summer days to its blend of rich materials and textures, every corner of Brisa Azul promises a harmonious blend of style and comfort.