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Spirit of Jaffa by Keren Niv Toledano

Spirit of Jaffa by Keren Niv Toledano

Inspired by the unique art and culture of Jaffa, Israel, the Spirit of Jaffa is an amazing holiday apartment designed by interior designer Keren Niv Toledano in 2022.

Located in the Andromeda Reborn project, the apartment overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is a perfect blend of modern and eclectic design.

From the impressive public space to the intimate balcony, the holiday apartment is decked with impressive furniture and accessories in a stunning scale of colors that reflect the area’s unique culture and art.

Andromeda Reborn by Keren Niv Toledano

FeaturedAndromeda Reborn by Keren Niv Toledano

Be inspired by the beauty and subtle sophistication of the Andromeda Reborn project, a stunning vacation apartment designed by Keren Niv Toledano in 2022 and located in Jaffa, Israel.

Merging modern design with respect for the environment and local culture, the designer created a multi-layered space with state-of-the-art technology, custom-made items, and unique Arab elements. From the impressive public space to the intimate balcony with a breathtaking view, every detail was carefully thought out to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. The modern design style uses liquid metal, wood, and leather to create a unique and eclectic space, with several museum pieces adding a special touch.

Dream in White by Keren Niv Toledano

FeaturedDream in White by Keren Niv Toledano

Dream in White is a modern farmhouse located in the heart of a Moshava in the north of Israel. Designed by Keren Niv-Toledano in 2022, this stunning property is surrounded by wooded views and brings a bright and relaxed atmosphere into the home.

It was intended for a young family of researchers who returned from the USA. Every aspect of the space was designed to bring a sense of calm and serenity, with white hues, pastel touches, European fabrics, vintage carpets and individually-designed master carpentry creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere. The property also features a balcony with a charming view, a gym, a professional French oven and even a reading corner.

Dream in White is the perfect place to escape to and relax.