Spirit of Jaffa by Keren Niv Toledano

Inspired by the unique art and culture of Jaffa, Israel, the Spirit of Jaffa is an amazing holiday apartment designed by interior designer Keren Niv Toledano in 2022.

Located in the Andromeda Reborn project, the apartment overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is a perfect blend of modern and eclectic design.

From the impressive public space to the intimate balcony, the holiday apartment is decked with impressive furniture and accessories in a stunning scale of colors that reflect the area’s unique culture and art.

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About Spirit of Jaffa

In Recent Years, Tiny Israel Stands Out for Its Perfectly Designed Projects

In recent years, Israel has made a name for itself by providing impeccably designed projects that have been meticulously planned and given attention to every detail. An example of this is the holiday apartment designed by interior designer Keren Niv Toledano for a family with four adult children in one of the most sought-after locations in Israel – the Andromeda Reborn project in Jaffa, constructed by the sea. This charming apartment, like other projects by Ms. Niv Toledano’s studio, demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to design and the space was treated as a holistic unit and each layer was addressed with great care and love.

Spirit of Jaffa Combines Old and New: An Eclectic Residential Environment

The designer succeeded in combining the old with the new, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and systems as well as carefully designed custom-made items. The space is also enriched with eye-catching and heart-warming ancient ceramic pots and museum pieces. “The couple bought the apartment as a shell with the aim of converting it into a holiday apartment to be used during holidays, festivals and weekends,” recalls Ms. Niv Toledano. “Originally, it was planned as a 5-room (150 m2) apartment, but we converted it into a 4-room (120 m2) apartment to create a large, spacious public space.”

Creating a Balanced and Symmetrical Space

The apartment is bright and spacious and the designer planned a partially visible and partially hidden entrance hall to create a break and a dimension of intimacy at the entrance. A wooden wall was installed to hide the electrical cabinet, while a delicate partition with a piece of furniture in the lower part and latticework above on a rotating pivot axis was also added. This latticework, painted with liquid metals for an antique brass appearance, is found throughout the project as a way to create an exciting, modern and eclectic residential environment containing original Arabic elements that link the apartment to the area.

The Kitchen and Living Room: A Play of Textures, Colors and Materials

The kitchen was planned as two linear lines; an accent wall and an expansive island that incorporates a cooker top and a seating area for 6 diners. The facades were clad with nano and brass sheets with innovative painting combined with corrugated oak on the drawers. To create a conceptual separation between the living room and dining area, an antique wooden bench was placed along the back of the armchairs. The view from the intimate balcony is spectacular, with heavy iron furniture to deal with the winds, sun, humidity and temperature changes.

The Master Bedroom and Bathroom: A Sahara-Like Ambiance

For the couple’s master bedroom, Ms. Niv Toledano chose a natural desert brown color palette to create a Sahara ambiance. The wall behind the bed is clad in weaved linen wallpaper and the bed is also upholstered in linen fabric. The large wall wardrobe and sleeping area are separated by an iron bench with a seat upholstered in rich fabric.

The couple’s bathroom was designed with a darker, more dramatic atmosphere with liquid metals in rose gold and copper tones. A carpentry piece made of oak with a blue-stone countertop and integrated sink was incorporated and all bathroom accessories are in rose gold. A large mirror starting from the sink countertop up to ceiling height also adds drama.

The Guest Suite and Home Office: Desert Tones and Museum Artworks

The passage leading to the guest suite, home office and bathroom features an impressive authentic Moroccan tray and mirror. The carpentry item in the work room, which also includes a desk at the end of the wardrobe, is made of black oak. The room was designed in brick and terracotta tones with monumental museum artworks. The guest suite features a slightly different color palette with denim blue wallpaper, nude and aqua elements, and an ensuite bathroom tiled in earthy brown with rose gold elements and a black oak carpentry item.

Photography by Itay Banit

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- by Matt Watts