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Aufschnaiter’s ALM360: Tyrolean and Contemporary Design

Aufschnaiter’s ALM360: Tyrolean and Contemporary Design

Discover ALM360, an elegant chalet nestled in the Austrian mountains of Wilder Kaiser, perfectly framed by the Kitzbühel Horn mountain. Designed by well-known Minotti retailer and design studio Aufschnaiter, this chalet is a stunning example of a contemporary rustic design style.

The interior blends traditional raw materials and modern technological solutions, creating a refined aesthetic and a sense of exceptional comfort. From the living area to the three guest rooms, each with en suite bathroom, to the large wellness area, every space has been designed to welcome guests to the Tyrolean architecture. The Minotti collection pieces, including the Roger seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni and the Superquadra bar cabinet by Marcio Kogan/studio mk27, complete the perfect symbiosis of indoor and outdoor spaces.

History of a Building by S.N.O.W. Architektur

FeaturedHistory of a Building by S.N.O.W. Architektur

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of tradition and modernity at “History of a Building,” an exquisite chalet nestled in the scenic heart of Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Crafted by the renowned S.N.O.W. Architektur in 2020, this luxury property engages in a profound conversation with its 600-year-old historical surroundings, offering a sanctuary where consistency meets change.

Known for its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, Kitzbuhel provides the perfect backdrop for this architectural masterpiece.