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MapleHaus: Sustainable Architecture in the High Desert of Utah

A modern, wooden cabin-style structure nestled among lush, forested hills.

KLIMA architecture‘s latest residential design, MapleHaus, is a captivating example of energy-efficient living in Park City, United States. This 2500 sq ft house, completed in 2021, features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, seamlessly blending modern design with Passive House building principles. Clad in weathering Corten steel, the home’s exterior will gracefully age over time, offering a high fire rating in the high desert mountain environment. With a focus on maximizing livable space and minimizing waste, the project’s innovative 12’x12′ grid system and material palette exemplify the architectural firm’s commitment to sustainable, thoughtful design.

Axboe House: Sustainable Mountain Living in Park City

A modern, wooden-paneled mountain home with large windows and a balanced, sleek design.

Situated in the heart of Park City, Utah, the Axboe House is a stunning architectural marvel designed by the renowned KLIMA Architecture firm. This contemporary family home seamlessly blends into the picturesque mountain landscape, offering a harmonious connection to the surrounding natural environment. With a focus on energy efficiency and thoughtful spatial planning, the Axboe House showcases the designer’s commitment to creating a functional and visually captivating living space that caters to the needs of its four-person occupants.

Crest Haus: Exploring KLIMA’s Modern Mountain Retreat

FeaturedA modern wooden cabin nestled in a forested landscape, featuring a sharp angled roof and concrete steps leading up to the entrance.

Designed by the acclaimed KLIMA architecture firm, the Crest Haus in Park City, United States, is a stunning example of modern, efficient living. This 2020 house project features 14-inch thick walls that protect the family retreat, situated amidst the breathtaking vistas of the Uinta and Oquirrh mountain ranges. Driven by the idea of a structure bending to the will of strong gusts, the geometric cube design is given a sculptural twist, clad in cedar siding to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding woods.