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Hamptons Meadow Compound: Sustainable Architecture in Suffolk County

A bright, modern interior with an open-plan layout, wood-beamed ceiling, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Larson Architecture Works, a renowned design firm, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the Hamptons Meadow Compound, a captivating multi-unit housing development nestled in the picturesque Suffolk County of New York, United States.

Designed in 2021, this stunning project seamlessly blends modern architecture with the serene natural beauty of the surrounding meadows, offering residents a tranquil sanctuary amidst the verdant landscapes.

Florida Winter Retreat: Coastal Contemporary House in Florida

A well-maintained tropical home with a lush yard, palm trees, and a chic, modern exterior.

Larson Architecture Works, a renowned Florida-based design firm, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the stunning Florida Winter Retreat. This exquisite house, designed in 2021, seamlessly blends modern elegance with the serene beauty of its coastal setting. Featuring a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, this single-family residence exemplifies the firm’s commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that harmonize with their natural surroundings.