Florida Winter Retreat: Coastal Contemporary House in Florida

Larson Architecture Works, a renowned Florida-based design firm, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the stunning Florida Winter Retreat. This exquisite house, designed in 2021, seamlessly blends modern elegance with the serene beauty of its coastal setting. Featuring a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, this single-family residence exemplifies the firm’s commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that harmonize with their natural surroundings.

A well-maintained tropical home with a lush yard, palm trees, and a chic, modern exterior.
A cozy living room with bookshelves, fireplace, and patterned furniture in warm tones.
Vibrant tropical wallpaper, round mirror, wooden furniture, and large chandelier create a stylish dining space.
Bright, open kitchen with yellow cabinetry, patterned tile walls, and hardwood flooring.
Cozy, rustic interior with wooden beams, plush furnishings, and vibrant lighting fixtures.
Bright, airy bedroom with vaulted ceilings, wood accents, and French doors leading outside.
Vibrant yellow wallpaper, round wooden mirrors, and a sleek white vanity in this bathroom.
A modern bathroom with a patterned green tile wall, a round mirror, and a sleek vanity.
Bright, modern exterior with yellow door and shuttered windows overlooking lush greenery.

About Florida Winter Retreat

Located in the lush foliage of Florida, the Florida Winter Retreat designed by Larson Architecture Works is a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. The exterior invites visitors with a vibrant yellow front door, flanked by sleek shutters and surrounded by a meticulously landscaped yard. A series of stepping stones lead the way to a charming patio area, where cheerful yellow furniture and a verdant backdrop create an inviting oasis.

A Warm and Welcoming Interior

Step inside, and the home’s tropical inspiration becomes immediately apparent. The open-concept living room features a plush, patterned sofa and a striking geometric light fixture that draws the eye upward to the vaulted, wood-paneled ceiling. Lush greenery visible through the sliding glass doors seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

A Culinary Delight

The kitchen exemplifies the home’s commitment to bold, yet harmonious design. Vibrant yellow cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the intricate, patterned tile backsplash, while sleek, modern appliances and a large central island provide ample functionality. Skylights and an abundance of windows flood the space with natural light, making it an ideal setting for gourmet meal preparation and lively gatherings.

Serene Retreats

The bedrooms and bathrooms of the Florida Winter Retreat offer a soothing respite. In the primary suite, a plush, patterned headboard and lush textiles create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while sliding glass doors lead to a private outdoor oasis. The en-suite bathroom features a stunning tile wall, dual vanities, and a spacious glass-enclosed shower, exuding a spa-like ambiance.

Harmonious Harmony

Throughout the home, the design seamlessly blends tropical charm, modern sensibilities, and timeless elegance. From the vibrant yellow accents to the lush greenery, every element works in harmony to create a warm, welcoming, and truly unique living experience. The Florida Winter Retreat by Larson Architecture Works is a true oasis, where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living are delightfully blurred.

Photography courtesy of Larson Architecture Works
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- by Matt Watts