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Fusco House: Elegant Apartment Oasis in Rome’s Northwest

FeaturedModern open-plan living space with sleek black lighting fixture, green sofa, wood floors, and TV.

Arabella Rocca‘s Fusco House apartment in Rome, Italy showcases a contemporary and minimalist design aesthetic within a 175 sq m indoor and 59 sq m outdoor space. Featuring geometric lines, contrasting colors, and carefully selected materials like sandblasted parquet flooring and striped crema d’Orcia in the master bathroom, this fourth and fifth-floor apartment in an elegant residential complex blends harmonious spaces with a focus on functionality and visual appeal.

Amsterdam Loft: Preserving 1924’s Charm with Modern Flair

Airy, open-plan living space with natural wood beams, recessed shelving, and modern furnishings.

Welcome to Amsterdam Loft, a spectacular 2023 house renovation by Ardor Studios located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This project translates a historical 1924 structure into a modern living space, maintaining the original Russian pine roof and structural walls while infusing contemporary elements. Noteworthy features include open floor plans, high-quality materials, and light-enhancing designs that add a unique character to this dynamic residential property.