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Ursa: Fusing Fuchsia and Orange in Toruń Gynecology Clinic

Vibrant orange hallway with geometric lighting fixtures and a stylized wall map.

Maka Studio‘s Ursa project in Toruń, Poland, is a captivating example of modern gynecology clinic design. This 2024 project features a bold color palette of fuchsia and orange, softened by light blue and gray, creating a visually striking and calming atmosphere.

The design pays homage to the history of Toruń, with circles, orbits, and geometrized star maps adorning the space. The clinic’s representative areas, including the waiting room, reception, bathrooms, and offices, showcase a harmonious blend of strong colors and white furnishings, exuding a sense of order and systematicity.

Monochrome: Minimalist House Design from Maka Studio

FeaturedModern minimalist bathroom design with concrete walls, freestanding tub, dual vanity.

Maka Studio‘s captivating Monochrome project in Gdynia, Poland, showcases a luxurious house that embodies domestic minimalism.

The open-concept living room and kitchen, framed by large windows, create a serene, monochromatic atmosphere that seamlessly integrates the surrounding greenery. Bespoke furnishings in black glass and burnt Shou Sugi Ban wood add striking contrast, while the bedroom’s open-plan design and direct garden access foster a tranquil oasis.