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Foyer – Coworking Space: Transforming Prague’s Creative Hub

FeaturedA modern industrial-style loft with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and artistic decor.

The Foyer – Coworking Space in Prague, Czech Republic, designed by mar.s architects, is a multifunctional hub that seamlessly combines industrial style, deep design, and a calm atmosphere for focused work. This 2023 project redefines the traditional concept of a foyer, transforming it into a dynamic workspace that serves as a showroom, coworking space, and occasional event venue.

The Former Měšťák Hotel by mar.s architects

The Former Měšťák Hotel by mar.s architects

The hotel rooms are located in the former Měšťák Hotel, in the very centre of Český Krumlov, Czech republic. Originally three separate Gothic houses from the 14th century were joined into one complex in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the houses have undergone several large renovations during their life (last one in the 1990s), having had most of their original details, with a few exceptions removed. One of such exceptions is the ‘presidential suite’ with its preserved carved Renaissance beam ceiling.