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Duplex with Panoramic Terrace: Inside the Chic Naples Home

A bright and modern balcony with lush vertical garden, large windows, and cozy seating.

Discover the Duplex with Panoramic Terrace in Naples, Italy, a masterpiece of modern architecture designed in 2023 by maurizio vesce architettura. This stunning apartment blends minimalist luxury with functional beauty, offering a unique living experience. From its sleek interiors to the lush vertical garden on the terrace, every detail is crafted to enhance urban living.

WL Penthouse: A Jewel of Wabi-Sabi and Japandi Design in Tel Aviv

Minimalist living room with neutral tones, wood-paneled TV wall, and modern furniture.

The WL Penthouse in Tel Aviv, designed by Dikla Vaturi in 2023, flawlessly merges Wabi-Sabi and Japandi aesthetics into an apartment that epitomizes minimalist luxury. Showcasing natural materials and a serene palette, this space offers a tranquil haven amidst the city’s hustle. A distinctive feature is the engaging use of light, inviting both reflection and discovery.