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Howell Mountain Residence I: Modernizing a 1960s Home in Napa

FeaturedA modern, single-story home with a slanted metal roof, expansive windows, and a stone patio.

Situated atop Howell Mountain in Napa, California, the Howell Mountain Residence I presents a stunning blend of mountain surroundings and valley views. Designed by Holder Parlette, this 1960s house underwent a renovation that raised the roof by 5 feet and integrated a new steel window and door scheme to maximize the property’s breathtaking vistas. The incorporation of local Saint Helena cottage stone in the entry facade, landscaping, and interiors connects the modern home seamlessly to its awe-inspiring natural setting.

House in Sierra de Arteaga: Minimalist Retreat Nestled in Arteaga Landscape

FeaturedModern concrete structure with glass walls, framed views of mountain landscape.

S-AR‘s House in Sierra de Arteaga is a captivating weekend residence nestled in the mountainous region of Arteaga, Mexico. Designed in 2021, this contemporary house seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, boasting a minimalist aesthetic and panoramic views of the stunning Sierra de Arteaga landscape. The project’s thoughtful layout and carefully curated design elements create a sanctuary-like experience for its residents, fostering a deep connection with the natural environment.

El Montañes: Perched on Cerro del Cobre, a Modern Chilean Retreat

Sleek modern interior with concrete walls, large windows, and dark wooden floors.

Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos‘ latest residential masterpiece, El Montañes, is a stunning example of contemporary design seamlessly blending with Chile’s rugged natural landscape. Nestled on the slopes of Cerro del Cobre in San Esteban, this single-family house showcases a unique architectural approach that embraces the site’s challenging terrain.

Composed of concrete walls, metal profiles, and heat-treated wood, the structure appears to float above the rocky terrain, creating a harmonious dialogue between the built and natural environments.

Koyo: A Contemporary Alpine Retreat in Austria

Modern house with large glass windows and outdoor dining area at dusk.

Unveiling Koyo, a masterpiece by Mahore Architects in Tulfes, Austria, this contemporary house redefines living with its elevated design on challenging terrain. With views of majestic mountains and lush treetops, the property ingeniously integrates the living space and garden atop a slope. Inside, an open space sculpture connects living levels, harmonizing exposed concrete, wood, and black steel.

Inspired by the adjacent ash trees and the Japanese term for changing leaves, Koyo seamlessly blends architecture with nature.

The Barn: A Fusion of Archaic Charm and Modern Design

Modern wooden house with large glass windows and a sloped roof at dusk.

Experience the allure of The Barn, a 2023 architectural masterpiece by Ferranti Schnell Arkitecten, nestled in the heart of Taunus, Germany. This mountain house uniquely combines modern and rustic elements, perched on a steep slope with captivating views of a nearby castle. Designed for an art collector, it’s not just a home but a vibrant venue for events, featuring a spacious hall with a central fireplace and an upper-level private retreat.

The Barn stands as a testament to innovative design in picturesque surroundings.

Haj Cottage: Modern Mountain Retreat in Czech Republic

FeaturedCozy living room with wooden features and modern furniture.

Discover the enchanting blend of modern architecture and natural beauty at Haj Cottage, designed by ADR in the picturesque Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic. This family-friendly retreat, nestled at 1000 meters (3280 feet) above sea level, offers a serene escape in the heart of the Krkonoše National Park.

Designed in 2022, the cottage features a unique combination of larch wood facades and stone bases, seamlessly integrating into the mountainous landscape. The interior, crafted by Formafatal, showcases natural materials and bespoke furniture, perfectly capturing the essence of the surrounding mountains while offering the comforts of modern living.

Carezza House: A Modern Mountain Retreat in Bolzano

Modern wooden house with large windows nestled in a mountainous area.

Discover Casa Carezza, a retreat blending tradition and modernity in Bolzano, Italy. Designed by Tara in 2021, it features a shingle-clad exterior and glazed facades that harmonize with the alpine setting. Inside, refined spaces crafted from wood, stone, and steel showcase local craftsmanship.

This retreat offers a unique experience of sophistication amidst the rugged mountains of Trentino.