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Tile House: Embracing Timeless Tradition in Vietnamese Design

A modern brick building with distinctive angled roofing and two people walking on the pavement in front.

The Bloom Architects, a renowned design firm based in Vietnam, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the captivating Tile House. This innovative residential project, completed in 2023, showcases a harmonious blend of traditional elements and modern design aesthetics.

Strategically located in the picturesque region of Bao Loc, the Tile House seamlessly integrates with the local climate, utilizing tile as a versatile material to create a comfortable, energy-efficient living space. Designed with the needs of a warm, emotional family in mind, this unique house combines privacy, natural ventilation, and a touch of nostalgia to provide a serene sanctuary amidst the challenges of the region’s harsh weather conditions.

RVTK: Multi-Unit Housing Renovation and Extension in South Tyrol

Modern wooden facade with large windows, set against a snowy mountain backdrop.

Messner ArchitectsRVTK project in Schlanders, Italy is a stunning renovation and expansion of a 1978 three-story residential building. The multi-unit housing development features a complete overhaul of the existing attic floor, as well as renovations to the basement and first-floor apartments to create three distinct living spaces. Situated on a south-facing slope in the picturesque Val Venosta region, the project boasts impressive mountain and valley views, with each floor offering unique outdoor amenities like terraces, gardens, and loggias.

Windermere Midcentury Renovation: Reimagining 1950s Charm

Spacious living room with modern furniture, built-in bookshelves, and natural light.

Discover the Windermere Midcentury Renovation by CAST architecture in Seattle, WA—a multi-unit housing gem that elegantly aligns the midcentury aesthetic with contemporary family living. This extensive renovation extends over 3,132 sq ft, incorporating an accessory dwelling unit and embracing the original home’s design to capture Mount Rainier’s breathtaking views. With a blend of intimate and public spaces, the project harmonizes classic elements with modern functionality, creating a timeless living space for a three-generation family.