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Brim + Crown: Reimagining Norwalk’s Historic Factory for Modern Living

FeaturedAn eclectic, high-ceilinged space with a stunning crystal chandelier, rustic wood paneling, and plush fur-covered chairs.

Brim + Crown redefines multi-unit housing by transforming the 1929 Hat Corporation factory in Norwalk, CT into a vibrant community space. Designed by Beinfield Architecture in 2020, this project seamlessly merges industrial aesthetics with modern living spaces, offering a mix of residential units, offices, retail, and leisure facilities. The design reflects a unique industrial chic, honoring its history while embracing contemporary design elements.

ÁRV8: Ábaton’s Vision of Eco-Friendly Urban Living

Contemporary living room with elegant purple sofa and minimalist decor.

Discover ÁRV8, Madrid, Spain’s pinnacle of multi-unit housing, designed by Ábaton in 2019. This structure stands out not just for its height but its innovative use of cross-laminated timber, enhancing both sustainability and energy efficiency. Each of the three unique homes within reflects a commitment to open, versatile spaces with a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, setting a new standard in urban living.

Englewood Duplex: Modern Living Meets Mountain Views

Englewood Duplex: Modern Living Meets Mountain Views

Englewood Duplex, crafted by Shape Architecture Studio, is a landmark in Englewood, Colorado. As the first multi-family Passivhaus International (PHI) certified project in Colorado, it merges modern design with eco-friendly living. Overcoming site challenges, it boasts triple-pane windows and skylights for quiet, light-filled spaces. Each unit presents breathtaking Rocky Mountain views, especially from the spacious third-floor party room with its expansive balcony.