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Corvallis Museum: A Contemporary Tribute to Tradition

Spacious modern lobby with wooden paneling, artwork, and a mounted moose sculpture.

The Benton County Historical Society in Corvallis, Oregon has unveiled a captivating Corvallis Museum designed by acclaimed architecture firm Allied Works. This 19,000 square-foot contemporary museum showcases a diverse collection of cultural artifacts, natural history specimens, and archives from Oregon State University.

Strategically located opposite a historic general store and the former territorial capital, the museum’s striking design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding architecture while offering a fresh perspective on the region’s rich heritage.

Copper Blockhouse: Wutopia Lab’s Multi-functional Spiritual Fortress

Copper Blockhouse: Wutopia Lab’s Multi-functional Spiritual Fortress

Experience the Copper Blockhouse, a unique architectural marvel by Wutopia Lab, nestled in Shanghai’s creative industry park.

Constructed in 2023, this multi-functional structure is built in a powerful nautical and industrial design style, serving as a spiritual fortress amid Shanghai’s bustling cityscape. Featuring a robust copper exterior and a versatile stainless-steel interior, this blockhouse brings together strength, functionality, and minimalist beauty in one compelling design.