Lisser Art Museum by KVDK Architecten

This beautiful museum building located in Lisse, Netherlands, has been designed in 2018 by KVDK Architecten.


On the grounds of the historical Keukenhof-park KVDK Architects built the Lisser Art Museum rising up unannounced from among the surrounding trees. It consists of two main volumes: one is embedded in the dike and supports the upper, ‘floating’ volume. The understated, monolithic materialization of the exterior, consists of elongated, earth-coloured Petersen bricks. At the entrance, the dike core opens up in a generous welcoming gesture via a glass curtain wall. The experience of walking inside a dike is reinforced upon entering where a floor of terracotta-coloured bricks leads the visitor between two rough dark stone walls towards the daylight.
LAM is a ‘food & consumption art museum’ related to its founders the VandenBroek Foundation of the Dutch supermarket chain ‘Dirk’. Visitors start at the highest point and meander through all the exhibition spaces as they descend – a fluid movement with variation in daylighting and continuous views at the landscape. LAM keeps art and park connected.

Photography courtesy of KVDK Architecten

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- by Matt Watts

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