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Red Box: Concrete Elegance in China

Modern terracotta brick building with geometric design and shadows.

Immerse yourself in the architectural marvel of the Red Box, a house designed by Mix Architecture in Nanjing, China. This unique concrete, minimalist home stands out at the foot of the illustrious Red Mountain, enveloped by the serene Hongchuang Park. The Red Box pays homage to its historical and natural surroundings with its distinct red concrete construction, reflecting the area’s rich heritage and the vibrant hues of the landscape.

Guochuangyuan 20 by Fan Architectural Firm

Guochuangyuan 20 by Fan Architectural Firm

Guochuangyuan 20 is a ferry hall and bespoke store located in Nanjing, China, designed by Fan Architecture Firm in 2022.

It is a stunning example of industrial design, combining two construction structures – a three-layer brick-concrete structure on the east side and a single-layer arrangement structure of reinforced concrete on the west side – to create a unique space. The hall has been exquisitely decorated with Hunter Douglas curtains and an array of western chairs with poles to provide a pure comfort. The facade has been designed with a light-transmissive brick wall and an abutment of the forest to present a lighting texture when the sun is filled.

Nanjing is known for its culture, history, and famous attractions, making it an ideal destination for a unique shopping and leisure experience.