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Howell Mountain Residence I: Modernizing a 1960s Home in Napa

FeaturedA modern, single-story home with a slanted metal roof, expansive windows, and a stone patio.

Situated atop Howell Mountain in Napa, California, the Howell Mountain Residence I presents a stunning blend of mountain surroundings and valley views. Designed by Holder Parlette, this 1960s house underwent a renovation that raised the roof by 5 feet and integrated a new steel window and door scheme to maximize the property’s breathtaking vistas. The incorporation of local Saint Helena cottage stone in the entry facade, landscaping, and interiors connects the modern home seamlessly to its awe-inspiring natural setting.

Big Barn by Faulkner Architects

Big Barn by Faulkner Architects

Tucked away in the less populous region of Napa’s wine country, Glen Ellen, California, Faulkner Architects presents a distinctive architectural marvel, the Big Barn. This barn house serves as an idyllic retreat that beautifully merges rusticity and sophistication.

Echoing the area’s rich agricultural heritage, the Big Barn is a 3,900-square-foot residence (approx. 362 square meters) that encapsulates the elegance of country living just an hour away from bustling San Francisco. This two-story creation, shaped from an original 1950s ranch house, ingeniously blends the vocabularies of barns and homes, with the landscape’s rolling hills and oak tree groves providing a picturesque backdrop. Adorned with full-height ventilation shutters, an asymmetrical gabled roof, and steel sash glazing, the Big Barn is a testament to harmonious design that respects both the natural environment and the region’s historical context.