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BASAO Teahouse Panji: Exploring the Fujian Courtyard Aesthetic

A modern, minimalist interior design with wooden shelving, seating, and countertops.

Designed by the innovative team at Building Narrative, the captivating BASAO Teahouse Panji in Xiamen, China, offers a harmonious fusion of traditional Fujian courtyard architecture and modern design principles. This inviting tea house, completed in 2023, serves as a “living room for the city,” seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces to create a truly immersive experience for visitors.

G House: Contemporary Family Home Designed by Ezgi Yis

Spacious and elegant living room with grand arched windows, crystal chandelier, and plush furnishings.

Designed by Ezgi Yis of XYZ Design, the G House in Istanbul, Turkey, is a contemporary 450 m² house that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Situated within the Pelican Hill Mansions, this two-storey residence features a calming neutral color palette, maximizing natural light through its striking 7-meter arched openings. The ground floor’s open-plan layout creates a comfortable and functional living environment, while the private bedrooms on the upper level cater to the needs of a two-generation family.

Jutaku-Inspired House: Merging Two Homes in Moscow

A modern rustic house with expansive windows, a covered patio, and well-lit interiors.

This captivating project by IDEOLOGIST Bureau in Moscow, Russia, takes inspiration from the Japanese concept of “nisetai jutaku,” or dual family homes, to create a harmonious and adaptable living space. Designed in 2021, the house seamlessly merges two contemporary residences, offering both communal living and individual privacy. With strategic use of natural light, warm lighting, and a minimalist aesthetic, the design evokes the timeless aesthetics of Japanese architecture while prioritizing functionality and well-being.

Lake Ouimet Residence: Reviving a 1960s Canadian Home

Striking modern glass and wood cabin nestled in lush forest, with sleek architectural design.

The stunning Lake Ouimet Residence in Mont-Tremblant, Canada, designed by the talented Dupont Blouin in 2019, is a captivating example of architectural brilliance. Originally constructed in 1960, this house has been expertly reimagined to create a warm, inviting space for a multi-generational family to gather. The open-concept kitchen, with its sleek black granite countertops and expansive views of the lake, is the heart of this remarkable home, seamlessly blending the indoors and outdoors for a truly remarkable living experience.

Atherton Renewal: Contemporary Transformation Embracing Natural Light

FeaturedStylish living room with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and chic furnishings

Explore the beautifully redesigned Atherton Renewal house in California, created by Feldman Architecture in 2021. This contemporary transformation embraces natural light, seamlessly connecting elegant interiors to the outdoor landscaping. Experience refined elegance with a fresh color palette and innovative design elements, enhancing vertical scale and symmetry for a true indoor-outdoor living experience.

Tietz House: Sustainable Design Harmony in Historic Blackheath

A barn-style house with a prominent arched window, surrounded by autumn trees.

Nestled in historic Blackheath, New South Wales, the Tietz House, designed by Design King Company in 2022, seamlessly blends modernity with the rural charm of the area. This residential project features a sustainable design approach, utilizing hardwood timber cladding and cementitious panels to harmonize with the surroundings. With a focus on capturing natural light and expansive views of the Kanimbla Valley, this house offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for both relaxation and connection to the picturesque landscape.