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Lomazzo Street Apartment: Adaptive Interior Design for Modern Family Life

FeaturedModern open-concept living space with large windows, geometric rug, and pendant lighting.

Archventil, an acclaimed international architecture and interior design studio, has recently unveiled their latest creation – a luminous apartment within THE LOMA, a historic Milanese palace transformed into a contemporary residential complex. Located on Lomazzo Street in the bustling Bullona neighborhood of Milan, Italy, this stunning project seamlessly blends the building’s 19th-century charm with a modern, international flair.

Casa Acerbis: Gabriele & Oscar Buratti’s Modern Reinterpretation

Sleek, modern interior with plush teal sofa, abstract artwork, and large globe light.

Casa Acerbis in Albino, Italy is a captivating project that seamlessly blends public and private spaces. Designed by the renowned duo Gabriele & Oscar Buratti in 2023, this house showcases a unique “typological hybridization,” merging the traditional architecture of the historic town center with the modern concept of a private villa.

The design completes the facade along the piazza, reinterpreting classic elements, while the inner courtyard transforms into a secluded garden oasis, creating a harmonious balance between the urban and the domestic. Visitors to this exceptional residence will be enchanted by the interplay of light, materiality, and the thoughtful articulation of spaces that define this remarkable Italian home.

Austin Nichols Penthouse: The Ultimate Family-Friendly Pied-à-Terre

Contemporary living room with neutral tones and minimalist design.

Discover the exquisite Austin Nichols Penthouse, a luxurious apartment nestled along the East River waterfront in Brooklyn, NY. Designed by MA | Morris Adjmi Architects in 2021, this modern and masculine space blends industrial elements with dark woods and natural stone, creating a tranquil home perfect for family gatherings. With sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, this family-friendly pied-à-terre boasts a bespoke design that harmonizes contemporary trends with the building’s historic concrete structure.