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Casa Giardino: Transforming a 1970s Apartment in Rome

Sleek, minimalist kitchen with warm wood accents, terrazzo flooring, and arched alcove.

Casa Giardino in Rome, Italy, is a captivating apartment redesign by architect Manuela Tognoli. This 110-square-meter residence, situated in the verdant Città Giardino neighborhood, boasts a seamless connection between the indoor living spaces and the surrounding lush garden.

Tognoli’s masterful design transformed the apartment’s original 1970s layout, creating a harmonious flow of light and energy between the home and its outdoor oasis.

IG&H Utrecht: Transforming the Workplace with Biophilic Design

Modern, minimalist office interior with wood slat partitions, cozy furniture, and lush plant life.

The IG&H Utrecht project, designed by D/DOCK in 2021, reimagines the modern office as a hub for creativity and collaboration. Located in Utrecht, Netherlands, this innovative workspace showcases the application of environmental psychology and biophilic design principles, resulting in a park-like office landscape that enhances the well-being of its occupants. Eschewing traditional office features, the design embraces organic shapes, ample greenery, and secluded nooks that facilitate meaningful interactions among employees.

Coral House: Exploring Elástica Studio’s Coastal Design

Elegant tropical beach villa with thatched roof, swimming pool, and lush landscaping.

Designed by Elástica Studio in 2018, Coral House in El Salvador seamlessly blends modern architecture with the natural beauty of its coastal setting. Inspired by the homeowners’ love for the sea, this spacious and open house features striking coral stone floors and roofs, complemented by traditional Salvadoran building techniques. The design prioritizes integration with the lush surrounding gardens, creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience.

House in Pavilnys: Transforming Suburban Living with Nature-Inspired Interiors

Minimalist living room with a modular white sofa, concrete floor, and wooden accents.

Coreco Architects‘ stunning House in Pavilnys, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a masterful blend of contemporary design and connection to nature. Envisioned as a bright, warm, and easy-to-maintain home, this 2024 project embraces the owners’ love for outdoor activities and natural materials. With strategically placed glass doors, a concealed wardrobe, and a careful selection of flooring, this house strikes a harmonious balance between private and shared spaces.

Retama House: Innovative Texas Abode by A Parallel Architecture

FeaturedModern luxury apartment complex nestled among lush green trees, featuring clean lines and natural materials.

Located in Austin, Texas, the Retama House is a captivating residential project designed by A Parallel Architecture in 2021. This single-family home masterfully integrates with a magnificent split-trunk live oak, leveraging its long limbs and lush canopy for shade, privacy, and a harmonious connection to the surrounding landscape. The architecture’s rigorously compact shape belies a surprisingly generous interior experience, with a double-height central atrium that reflects the presence of the tree and offers tree-house-like views.

Open House: A Marvel of Tropical Architecture in Singapore

Spacious industrial-style living room with concrete walls, modern furniture, and hanging light fixtures.

Discover Open House in Singapore, a masterpiece by Studio iF, showcasing the pinnacle of tropical architecture. Designed in 2014, this house redefines living by integrating nature within its urban setting. Its unique design features, including a void for a towering Memphat tree and a green-rich rear court, create a harmony between indoors and the surrounding wildlife. Experience a home where architecture meets nature, inviting a blend of tranquility and vibrancy.