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Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club: Sustainable Surf Lifesaving Hub

A rectangular, black metal building with a surfboard-toting person entering through the large doorway.

Designed by the renowned Wood Marsh Architecture, the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club in Australia captures the rugged essence of the country’s sandstone coastline. Positioned within the dunes, this club building features a unique blend of horizontality and verticality, with a control tower standing as a coastal beacon. The design, driven by a robust and weathered approach to materiality, seamlessly integrates the structure into its natural surroundings, creating a gathering place for the community.

Bellarine Hillside House by Freehand Projects

Bellarine Hillside House by Freehand Projects

Welcome to the marvel of Australian contemporary architecture – Bellarine Hillside House! This exquisite dwelling, nestled on the rugged landscapes of Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Freehand Projects. The house is a harmonious blend of art and nature, crafted to mirror the sloping terrain and seamlessly incorporate the site’s endangered yellow box eucalyptus trees. From its timber frames to its protected zones from the westerly winds, every feature of this design is a thoughtful response to the environment, inspired by the relaxed coastal lifestyle and the charm of 1970s modernism.

Let’s embark on a journey through this architectural masterpiece, where innovative design meets sustainable living.