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Off Grid House: Innovative Timber Design in Rural Australia

Cozy wooden cabin interior with panoramic forest views and plush seating.

Archier‘s Off Grid House in regional Victoria, Australia, is a stunning example of sustainable, family-focused design. Commissioned by clients seeking to reconnect with the cherished landscape, this 2023 project celebrates the region’s natural beauty and supports the needs of an extended family. Designed as a modern interpretation of a civic meeting place, the home features a striking gabled roofline that captures panoramic views, while its thoughtful use of Australian hardwood throughout creates a rich, textural experience.

Heather’s House: Sustainable Rural Retreat in Australia

Spacious living room with natural light, wooden ceiling, and minimalist furniture.

Gardiner Architects‘ latest residential masterpiece, Heather’s House, is a sustainable farmhouse nestled in Birregurra, Australia. This 2023 project reimagines rural living by balancing modern comforts, flexibility, and off-grid living with a design that seamlessly integrates the surrounding farmland and native vegetation. Heather’s vision of family support, environmental stewardship, and pragmatic functionality has been meticulously brought to life in this innovative Australian house.

Garden House: A Blueprint for Sustainable Living in Melbourne

FeaturedGeometric white house with a diamond-pattern facade surrounded by greenery.

Discover Garden House, a pioneering project by Austin Maynard Architects in Melbourne, Australia. This private house is not only a testament to modern, sustainable design but also an energy powerhouse, producing five times its daily energy needs. Designed in 2021 as a future-forward, eco-friendly family home, Garden House demonstrates how innovative architecture can lead to a self-sufficient lifestyle, seamlessly combining aesthetics with functionality in an urban setting.