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Minimalist, Eclectic Villa in Cyprus by Olga Gusarova

Elegant modern interior with minimalist decor, abstract artwork, and sleek marble flooring.

Immerse yourself in the stunning design of a two-storey villa in Limassol, Cyprus, by Olga Gusarova. Blending minimalism with eclecticism, this house features panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast and mountains, Greek marble, walnut wood, and a carefully restored vintage rosewood table. The harmonious color palette and modern-vintage fusion create a serene and stylish living space.

Monochrome Minimalist Villa: A Cyprus Coastal Retreat

Modern geometric architecture with sleek glass walls, pool, and outdoor seating area.

The Monochrome Minimalist Villa in Cyprus showcases the distinct art of blending contemporary minimalist design with natural aesthetics. Designed by Olga Gusarova, this house features clean lines and a simple color scheme that highlights the breathtaking Mediterranean views.

The interior offers an expansive living space with panoramic windows and a soaring 7-meter ceiling (about 23 feet), perfectly framing the serene coastal setting. With handcrafted details like ceramic lamps by Sergey Makhno and a strategically plant-free indoor environment, this villa embodies modern tranquility and stylish comfort.