Monochrome Minimalist Villa: A Cyprus Coastal Retreat

The Monochrome Minimalist Villa in Cyprus showcases the distinct art of blending contemporary minimalist design with natural aesthetics. Designed by Olga Gusarova, this house features clean lines and a simple color scheme that highlights the breathtaking Mediterranean views.

The interior offers an expansive living space with panoramic windows and a soaring 7-meter ceiling (about 23 feet), perfectly framing the serene coastal setting. With handcrafted details like ceramic lamps by Sergey Makhno and a strategically plant-free indoor environment, this villa embodies modern tranquility and stylish comfort.

Modern geometric architecture with sleek glass walls, pool, and outdoor seating area.
Sleek, modern living space with large windows, neutral color palette, and minimalist furniture.
Modern kitchen and dining area with sleek black furniture, pendant lights, and marble floor.
A modern, minimalist living room with a gray sectional, pendant lights, and an abstract artwork.
Sleek modern dining room with black table, minimalist pendants, and bold artwork.
Minimalist kitchen with sleek grey cabinets, pendant lights, and a modern dining area.
Modern living room with sleek gray sofa, minimalist lighting fixtures, and vertical slatted wall panels.
Minimalist living room with sculptural lighting fixtures, modern furniture, and natural accents.
A cozy bedroom with a plush gray bed, soft throw, and subtle floral accents. Elegant curtains frame a window.
Modern, minimalist living room with abstract art, gray couch, and wood accent table.
Clean, minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, abstract artwork, and textured pillows.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom design with grey stone wall tiles and a simple white sink.
A modern outdoor patio with a stone wall, glass doors, and a dining table with contemporary chairs.
Modern outdoor lounge area with canopy, wicker furniture, and city skyline view.

About Monochrome Minimalist Villa

Stepping into the Monochrome Minimalist Villa in Cyprus is a visual delight, where the brilliant design of Olga Gusarova takes center stage. This architectural masterpiece blends minimalist lines with functional elegance, all set against the scenic backdrop of the Mediterranean.

Striking Exterior

The villa’s exterior impresses immediately with its bold geometric shapes and clean white facade that reflects the bright Cypriot sun. The angular overhangs and strategic openings frame the surrounding seascape and lush greenery, inviting nature into every corner of the living space. A refreshing pool mirrors the clear skies, completing this outdoor sanctuary.

Luminous Living Spaces

Inside, the villa opens to a grand living room, dominated by a 7-meter ceiling and expansive panoramic windows that saturate the space with natural light. The room’s layout is a testament to contemporary design, with straight lines and a restrained color palette emphasizing an uncluttered aesthetic. Key furnishings include rounded, smooth shapes that offer comfort without sacrificing style, paired with handcrafted ceramic lamps by Sergey Makhno, fulfilling the owners’ first wish.

Elegant Private Quarters

Transitioning to the private quarters, each bedroom continues the theme of minimalism with subtle textures and soft, neutral tones. The seamless blend of form and function is evident, providing a restful retreat for the eyes and the spirit. Luxurious bathrooms featuring sleek fixtures and stone finishes offer spa-like serenity, reinforcing the villa’s theme of understated luxury.


From the imposing facade to the serene interiors, the Monochrome Minimalist Villa stands as a beacon of modern design tailored perfectly for its Mediterranean setting. Each space within the villa is a careful curation of contemporary minimalism, designed not just to impress but to provide a seamless living experience.

Photography by Liza Gurovskaya

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- by Matt Watts