Mountain Wood: A Modern Take on Rustic Charm in CA

Immerse yourself in the tranquil sanctuary of Mountain Wood, a stunning contemporary house designed by Walker Warner in California. This architectural marvel combines the rustic charm of a hay barn with modern design, featuring expansive stone and cedar materials that reflect the passage of time. Enjoy the serenity of outdoor spaces intertwined with wild grass and mature sycamore trees, all crafted with precision to honor the area’s agricultural heritage.

Wooden house with clean, bold lines and large garage doors, set against a clear sky.
Impressive stone facade with wooden beams and arched entryway leading into inviting interior.
Impressive wooden architecture with large windows showcasing the lush outdoor scenery.
Wooden ceiling beams, large windows, and a modern drumset create a cozy, rustic atmosphere.
Rustic wooden beams, stone walls, and a large central kitchen island with pendant lighting.
Warm wooden staircase with sleek metal railings leading to an open, light-filled space.
A cozy, modern interior framing a scenic autumn landscape with a stone path and buildings.
Spacious, modern bathroom with wood-paneled ceiling, large tub, and nature views.
Rustic wooden structure with glass walls, showcasing the outdoor scenery.
Rustic stone structure with sleek metal roof, surrounding pool, and patio seating.
A modern ranch-style home with a stone exterior, metal roof, and private pool area.

About Mountain Wood

Architectural Harmony

Stone and steel pillars support the lofty thresholds and airy passageways of these buildings. They echo the style of an aging hay barn, with light streaming through wooden slats.

Intricate Design Elements

Artisanal stone and contemporary angles coexist beautifully, encasing a central jewel box design. Light floods in from all sides, transforming pathways below into a captivating graphic pattern inspired by the stone facade.

Timeless Materials

Craftsmen have deliberately welded each joint and carefully selected every screw. The stone’s patina and the cedar’s reddish hue capture the essence of time, paying homage to local agricultural history and its architectural roots.

Outdoor Serenity

The structures engage in a gentle interplay of eaves, creating serene outdoor areas. These spaces, filled with wild grass and towering sycamore trees, invite a moment of reflection and connection to history.

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Photography by Matthew Millman

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- by Matt Watts