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Carbon Beach House: Malibu’s Oceanfront Oasis by Olson Kundig

FeaturedModern, minimalist living space with concrete fireplace, wood storage, and artwork.

Located along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, the Carbon Beach House by Olson Kundig is a captivating residential oasis designed to embrace its coastal setting. Raised on a custom-engineered, self-draining pier, this 2023 house frames panoramic ocean vistas while maintaining resilience against high tides and storm surges. An unembellished concrete façade buffers the home from highway noise, revealing a light-filled interior organized around a central courtyard and cactus garden.

Dalarö House: Scandinavian Summer Retreat in Sweden

Cozy living space with textured concrete walls, wood-beamed ceiling, and plush furnishings.

Dalarö House, a stunning summer retreat nestled in one of Stockholm’s prime holiday destinations, showcases the exceptional design skills of Olson Kundig.

This 2019 project seamlessly blends with the surrounding Scandinavian landscape, creating a cozy and inviting living experience. Featuring a natural palette of materials, including oak floors, casework, and exposed concrete walls, the house’s architectural language pays homage to the region’s rich design heritage.

Hale Napo’o: Hawaii’s Premier Beachfront Retreat by Olson Kundig

Hale Napo’o: Hawaii’s Premier Beachfront Retreat by Olson Kundig

Hale Napo’o, a stunning beachfront retreat in Hanalei, Hawaii, epitomizes the best of contemporary design by Olson Kundig.

Set on Kauai’s picturesque north coast, this 2020 masterpiece seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, offering families the perfect blend of expansive ocean views and intimate settings. The design, influenced by Hawaii’s iconic Dickey-style hip roofs, balances modern aesthetics with a touch of local heritage, ensuring a lifestyle where bare feet and ocean breezes are daily norms.