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Chestnut Hill House: Dramatic Renovation Transforms Dated Home

FeaturedA modern home with expansive windows, a pool, and lush greenery surrounding it.

This stunning Newton, MA home underwent a remarkable transformation at the hands of Walker Architects, resulting in a modern masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality and style. The Chestnut Hill House, originally a dated and incongruous property, was thoughtfully renovated to create a spacious living room, playroom, home office, and guest quarters, all connected by a dramatic open staircase.

The crowning jewel of the project is the new high-performance kitchen, which opens up to a stunning 14-foot tall modern sunroom, establishing a harmonious connection with the beautifully landscaped backyard.

Mountain Forest: Blending Nature and Minimalist Design in Taiwan

Minimalist living room with a large TV, wooden media console, and sleek audio system.

Designed by 1001 Giving Living in 2024, the Mountain Forest house in New Taipei, Taiwan showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural elements. Featuring extensive spatial expansion, solid lines, and a seamless integration of interior and exterior, this residential project exemplifies the designer’s expertise in creating functional yet visually captivating living spaces.

Masnou: Coastal Serenity in Miriam Barrio’s Spanish Duplex

Modern, minimalist living room with curved staircase, neutral tones, and natural light from large windows.

Miriam Barrio Studio‘s renovation of a seaside duplex in el Masnou, Spain, has transformed the space into a harmonious, serene, and timeless oasis.

Designed in 2022, this apartment project seamlessly integrates the coastal surroundings into the interior design, utilizing natural materials like light oak wood and a luminous combination of off-white metal. The strategic placement of large windows captures the essence of the sea, creating a strong connection between the interior and the breathtaking outdoor views.

Dajo House: A Closer Look at Sandro Uzila’s Renowned Croatian Villa

Sleek modern home with pool, landscaping, and large glass windows showcasing the exterior.

Sandro Uzila, a renowned Croatian architect, has unveiled his latest masterpiece – the captivating Dajo House in Poreč, Croatia. This modern house, designed in 2024, showcases Uzila’s expertise in blending exceptional design with the region’s stunning natural landscapes. With its clean lines, strategic use of natural materials, and seamless integration with the surrounding environment, the Dajo House exemplifies the pinnacle of contemporary residential architecture.

Amagansett House: Hamptons-Inspired Modern Vacation Retreat

FeaturedExpansive white modern farmhouse with large windows, balcony, and pool in lush green landscape.

Amagansett House, designed by Hacin, is a captivating 7,000 SF vacation home nestled in the tranquil Hamptons of Long Island, New York. This three-story property features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a two-car garage, an in-ground pool, and a pool house, all situated on over two acres of pristine woodland. The design seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary influences, creating a modern interpretation of the local vernacular that is well-suited for hosting and entertaining guests.

R5: Luxurious Apartment Renovation in Milan by Studio Tenca

FeaturedMinimalist living room with large windows, palm plants, and a gray modular sofa.

Elegant Apartment Transformation in Milan: Studio Tenca & Associati‘s Captivating Design for R5. Spanning over 200m², this apartment in Milan, Italy, has undergone a remarkable transformation by the talented team at Studio Tenca & Associati.

The heart of this home is the living area, which seamlessly blends the dining room and living room, exuding timeless elegance. With thoughtful zoning and the strategic use of materials, this project redefines the layout, maximizing the longitudinal shape and highlighting the distinctive existing pillars.

Valencia House: Countryside Retreat with Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Integration

FeaturedSleek, modern architecture with clean lines, wooden roof, and lush greenery surroundings.

Padovani Arquitetos‘ stunning Valencia House in Porto Feliz, Brazil, seamlessly blends contemporary design with the serene tranquility of the countryside. This carefully crafted 2021 summer retreat features spacious, permeable social areas that foster direct integration between the natural environment and the home’s interior. The green roofing and lightweight, horizontally-oriented architecture create a harmonious visual continuity with the surrounding landscape.

Busch Place: Seamless Pasadena Remodel Honors Killingsworth

Cozy modern living room with stone fireplace, plush seating, and expansive windows.

Ritual House, a leading architecture and interior design firm, has recently completed the stunning remodel of the private Busch Place residence in Pasadena, California, United States. This project involved seamlessly integrating a disjointed ’90s addition into the original design vision of renowned architect Edward Killingsworth. The result is a harmonious blend of contemporary and mid-century modern elements, creating a truly remarkable private house that showcases the exceptional design skills of Ritual House.