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Busch Place: Seamless Pasadena Remodel Honors Killingsworth

Cozy modern living room with stone fireplace, plush seating, and expansive windows.

Ritual House, a leading architecture and interior design firm, has recently completed the stunning remodel of the private Busch Place residence in Pasadena, California, United States. This project involved seamlessly integrating a disjointed ’90s addition into the original design vision of renowned architect Edward Killingsworth. The result is a harmonious blend of contemporary and mid-century modern elements, creating a truly remarkable private house that showcases the exceptional design skills of Ritual House.

Net Zero Home: Exploring Dynamic Open-Plan Living

Modern home with wooden siding, large windows, and an inviting pool surrounded by lush greenery.

This innovative Net Zero Home, designed by Martin Architects in New York, NY, offers a striking example of sustainable design. The project, completed in 2019, features a modular steel shell and a unique “T” layout that overcomes site restrictions and cost considerations. The open-concept public living area is complemented by a second-floor studio, accessible via a dynamic staircase. This house exemplifies the balance between functional design and environmental responsibility, making it a standout in the world of sustainable architecture.