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House M: Minimalist Vacation Home in Balearic Islands

Spacious living room with white walls, exposed wood beams, and a modern green sectional.

Destilat Design Studio‘s latest project, House M, showcases a thoughtful renovation of a turn-of-the-century sandstone building in the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Designed in 2024, this vacation home on three floors embodies the local culture’s essence, with the architects carefully incorporating traditional materials and techniques to create a minimalist, airy atmosphere that ensures a relaxed lifestyle for the family.

Habitación Policromada: Exploring Plutarco’s Reinterpretation of Modernism

Minimalist modern interior with geometric wall panels, built-in shelving, and colorful accents.

Blending timeless modernist design with a vibrant, polychromatic palette, the Habitación Policromada project by architect Plutarco in Madrid, Spain, offers a captivating reimagining of Le Corbusier’s iconic architectural language. This 2023 Casa Decor apartment showcases Plutarco‘s meticulous exploration of Corbusier’s construction techniques, materials, and signature details, creating a dynamic living space that celebrates color as a fundamental design element.

Vale House: Designed for Tropical Family Living in Singapore

FeaturedStriking modern architecture with wooden accents, greenery, and a raised rooftop structure.

This contemporary family home in Singapore, designed by Ming Architects in 2023, offers a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. The Vale House features a practical four-bedroom layout with a close connection to nature, addressing the challenges of its front-facing, busy street location through a deliberate design strategy. By creating an internal courtyard, the architects have turned the views inward, amplifying the tropical living experience and introducing natural light, ventilation, and lush greenery throughout the three-story residence.