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V-E Project: Maximizing Natural Light & Scenery

Modern minimalist interior with wooden accents and geometric patterns.

Discover the V-E Project by Ábaton, a stunning house nestled in Madrid, Spain, that masterfully combines a sloped terrain with panoramic views of the Sierra. Designed in 2019, this home not only respects the surrounding landscape by preserving existing trees but also optimizes orientation for sunlight and scenery. A perfect blend of architecture and nature, it represents modern living at its best.

Opeccellente: A Modern Italian House Amongst Olive Trees

Sleek single-story home with pool and outdoor living space.

Discover Opeccellente, a contemporary single-family house designed by Paolo Pellegrini in 2022. Located in Polignano a Mare, Italy, amidst olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation, this property offers a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, characterized by large windows and a harmonious design that incorporates the surrounding landscape into its modern, minimal interiors.

Aurora House: A One-Level Marvel in Brazilian Architecture

FeaturedContemporary house with patterned concrete wall and flat roof.

Aurora House, designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2022, stands as a private haven in Pinhais, Brazil. This ground-level residence, embracing an “L” configuration, showcases a delicate balance between social and private spaces, wrapped in exposed concrete and enriched by local Araucarias. The design, focusing on natural ventilation, thermal protection, and integration with the surroundings, offers a unique living experience that highlights the beauty of the Serra do Mar.

The Webster Poolhouse: A Marvel in Carmel Valley’s Landscape

FeaturedModern house with pool and mountain view.

Discover the Webster Poolhouse in Carmel Valley, California—a 2021 project by Justin Pauly Architects. This poolhouse not only complements the historic Comstock Adobe but also introduces a modern touch with its minimalist design, expansive glass, and natural surroundings. Step inside to find a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, from plush living spaces to rustic yet modern kitchens and serene bedrooms, all designed to merge the indoors with the breathtaking outdoors seamlessly.